PIC OF THE DAY: Red Eyed Tree Frog in Costa Rica

Red Eyed Tree Frog Costa Rica


We were fans of tree frogs long before we took my daughter to Tortuguero, on Costa Rica‘s extremely remote Caribbean coast. But we’d never seen quite so many of the cute little buggers as we did during our stay at Mwamba Lodge. During our second night there, after a day full of torrential downpours, we were chilling in the pool when I noticed a sign for “Frog Island” in the middle of the shallow end. I started looking around, trying in vain to spot them against the vivid green palms, until I heard a strange noise coming from the center of the plant. I moved one leaf aside to find two red eyed tree frogs getting it on, with the female clearly none too happy about it! The two played a wicked game of chase for a while, but eventually settled down on opposite sides of the island. This little fella was quite the model, allowing me to take dozens of shots without seeming too bothered by it. We eventually used a photo of him as the basis for the frog on the G in our Green Global Travel logo!   –Bret Love


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  1. Thanks, Cole! With our photo galleries from the Peruvian Amazon, there will be PLENTY of wildlife shots to come in the next few weeks!

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