7 Things to do in Patagonia, South America

7 things to do in Patagonia South America

Top 7 Things to Do in

Patagonia, South America


When people ask me what’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life, Patagonia always comes to mind. Ladakh is also up there, and so are the Faroe Islands, but Patagonia has to be the winner. The southernmost tip of South America, first of all, is stunning – a land of granite mountains, seemingly impregnable; pristine green blue lakes and mighty glaciers, that will make your jaw drop with their sheer beauty and power.


Patagonia is also a haven for adventurers. If you love hiking, you can just walk out of any town or village to find yourself in stunning surroundings. Or you can choose to head to Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia and hike the 4-day long W Trail, with views of Grey Glacier. Adventure opportunities are endless in Patagonia – from rock climbing to glacier walking, wildlife viewing to cruising to the edge of glaciers, Patagonia truly is a place you will never forget.


Here are our 7 favorite things to do in Patagonia for nature and adventure lovers, including both Chile and Argentina.

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Complete List of National Parks for Your World Travel Bucket List

Complete List of National Parks for your World Travel Bucket List

Complete List of National Parks

for Your World Travel Bucket List


As we began to compile a complete list of National Parks for this piece to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the National Parks Service, I was shocked and dismayed to realize how few of the 59 officially designated parks we’ve visited. Fortunately, we’re already planning a future family road trip to visit some of the many parks still on our bucket list.


The NPS was created by Congress through the National Parks Service Organic Act on August 25, 1916. Run by the US Department of the Interior, the agency was designed “to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and wildlife therein, and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.”


This century-old concept has since been applied to more than 6,ooo national parks in nearly 100 different countries around the world. To honor the idea that helped give birth to ecotourism and conservation, we’ve gathered nearly 50 of our travel blogging friends to write mini-guides to all 59 US National Parks.


We hope our list of national parks will prove to be an evergreen resource, paying tribute to what documentarian Ken Burns called “America’s best idea.”

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Dub Reggae: The History, Evolution & Top 10 Albums

Dub Reggae History Evolution and Top !0 Albums

Dub Reggae

The History, Evolution & Top 10 Albums


If you love the modern sounds of hip-hop, house, dubstep, trip-hop, acid jazz, or techno music, you can thank the Jamaican music pioneers of dub reggae.


Long before current music icons like Kanye West, Skrillex and Avicii were born, Jamaica’s mad scientists of sound were using technology and experimentation to create studio magic. Using little more than mixing boards, effects processors and their imaginations, late ’60s legends like Osborne “King Tubby” Ruddock, Lee “Scratch” Perry and Errol Thompson reinvented the roots reggae sound to create a sub-genre known as dub.


Like most of today’s popular dance music styles, dub prioritized rhythm as the focal point, with production that emphasizes trippy effects like reverb, echo and phasing. In this way, dub reggae taps into the ancient belief in the power of trance-like music forms.

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GO GREEN TIP #118: How to Volunteer with Responsible Organizations

How to Volunteer -Talking Compost in Casa Guatemala


How to Volunteer with Responsible Organizations


Believe it or not, despite a mass media frenzy based around hatred and harm, the world’s population at large seems to be moving towards a gentler, kinder and more self-aware spirit. Communities are aiming to become closer and self-sustainable, and at the same time, those who are out adventuring are looking to good in the places they go.


Say what you will about the downsides of the voluntourism industry (and many have had plenty of negative things to say). But the intention of all of these travelers is, if nothing else, a mental step in a very positive direction.


With the influx of international volunteers, the money it produces has become a major player and motivator for aid organizations, especially upstarts, and unfortunately, we can no longer count on good intentions, let alone effective ones. For those who want to volunteer while they travel, finding reputable organizations with which to devote our time, energy and funds is now paramount to helping to make a positive difference.


So, the question then becomes: How do you volunteer with responsible organizations? Read on for a few suggestions we learned from many years of experience volunteering in Latin America…

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Top 7 Things To Do in Malaysia for Nature Lovers

Kayaking at Sunset in Sabah, Borneo

photo by Gianni Bianchini courtesy of Nomad Is Beautiful

7 Top Things To Do in Malaysia

for Nature Lovers


Malaysia is one of my favorite countries– a place I fell in love with the first time I visited. When people ask me why, I normally start talking and never stop. I mean, what’s not to like? There are so many things to do in Malaysia, exploring modern cities, tiny villages, a cuisine that ranks among the best in Asia, and an incredibly diverse culture.


Wandering around Kuala Lumpur or Georgetown, you’ll glimpse the onion domes of mosques, smell incense floating out of Buddhist temples and jasmine from flower garlands outside Hindu temples. In Borneo, you’ll have the chance to discover the life and culture of indigenous tribes that have remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years.


But what makes Malaysia truly special is nature. From rainforests to crystalline seas, Malaysia offers onc-in-a-lifetime ecotourism experiences. You can see wild orangutans, spend the night in a hut in the Taman Negara rainforest, and Scuba dive the incredible sites of Pulau Sipadan.


Here are our picks for the 7 top things to do in Malaysia for nature lovers. I can virtually guarantee that these experiences will make you fall in love with this stunning country, just like I did!


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