Top 7 Things To Do in Iceland

Top 7 Things to do in Iceland - Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall, photo by Mike Jerrard

Top 7 Things to Do in Iceland


Iceland is one of the most visually captivating countries in the world. From glaciers, geysers, and vibrant green fjords to waterfalls, lava fields, and glittering ice caps that pierce the sky, this is a country with awe-inspiring natural wonders and incredible scenery at every turn.


There are plenty of different ways to experience this beautiful country as a traveler. But there are a few quintessential experiences you really shouldn’t miss. Here are my picks for the Top 7 Things to Do in Iceland.

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Hairy Nosed Otter

Endangered Species Spotlight:

Hairy Nosed Otter


SPECIES: Hairy Nosed Otter (Lutra sumatrana)

CURRENT RANGE: Small isolated populations in southeast Asia.

CURRENT THREATS: Habitat loss and the illegal wildlife trade (both for skins and for pets).


WHERE YOU CAN SEE THEM: There is just one Hairy Nosed Otter in captivity– a rescued male at the Wildlife Alliance’s Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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GO GREEN TIP #117: 10 Steps to Becoming a more Responsible Traveler

 10 Steps to Becoming a more Responsible Traveler


10 Steps to Becoming a more Responsible Traveler


Lucky for us, we live in a day and age not just when travel is at an all-time easy but has become so easy that we have the luxury of trying to see the world responsibly, considering the planet, its people, its forests and its animals. We should encourage others to do it as well.


Responsible travel gives us adventures so much more memorable than another run-of-the-mill trip to Disneyland or wild weekend at an all-inclusive resort. Responsible travel takes us down new pathways and uncrowded streets. It puts us in a seat next to a stranger, serves us food we’ve never tried, and teaches us to interact with the world in a real way, not just as a vacation spot.


So, for those who are new to responsible travel, but ready to get on board, or those looking to further climb onto the bandwagon, here are ten steps that can make a huge difference in getting there and staying there, wherever there may be, a little more responsibly.

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Back Where We Started: Revisiting the Place That Changed My Life

Londolozi Sunset

Back Where We Started

Revisiting the Place That Changed My Life


It’s a strange feeling to return to the place where your life’s dream was born. Reflections of the past, observations of the present, and hopeful visions of your future all seem to collide in a rush of inexplicable emotions.


When I think back to my life-changing experience in South Africa in 2000, there’s no way I could’ve predicted how deeply that trip would transform my life and career.


I’d never even heard the word ecotourism, much less understanding how vital it would be to a country trying to transform itself after the end of apartheid. But when I saw its principles in action in Kruger National Park, helping to conserve wildlife and providing much-needed jobs for local people, I knew I had to find a way to make writing about the benefits of ecotourism the focus of my work.


Realizing that dream would ultimately take 10 years, including a painful divorce, an increasingly frustrating freelance writing career, and finally meeting the love of my life, who shared my passion for transformative travel adventures.


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Summer Travel Essentials Guide

Summer Travel Essentials Guide

Summer Travel Essentials Guide


Summer travel is a time-honored family tradition. By the time this year’s season ends on September 22, we’ll have spent more than a month of it abroad! In the process, we’ve learned a lot of tricks that make the process easier. Our Summer Travel Essentials guide covers 40+ products that can help make your vacation adventures a bit more enjoyable, whether you’re a galavanting globe-trotter or a close-to-home staycationer.


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