Bluefin Tuna

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Endangered Species Spotlight:

Southern Bluefin Tuna Facts

(The following is a guest post by Sofie Couwenbergh, a Belgian language lover who balances a full-time job with a never-ending wanderlust, sharing her experiences on Wonderful Wanderings. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.  If you’re interested in contributing a story to Green Global Travel, please email pitches to Bret Love at


SPECIES: Southern Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus maccoyii)

CURRENT RANGE: Found in the open southern hemisphere waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans.


CONSERVATION STATUS: Critically endangered

WHERE CAN YOU SEE THEM: In southern waters from 30° to 60° south, except during spawning season, when the Southern Bluefin Tuna migrates to the tropical seas off the west coast of Australia.

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Stone Spheres of Costa Rica, Finca 6 Archeological Site

The Famed Stone Spheres of Costa Rica at the Finca 6 Archeological Site

The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

Visiting Finca 6 Archaeological Site

By the beginning of 2014, science had found the Higgs boson (a.k.a. “the God particle), put a rover on Mars, and created a robotic hand that allows amputees to feel sensations. Yet somehow the Stone Spheres of Costa Rica remain a complete mystery, with little more than educated hunches about their significance to the ancient peoples of Costa Rica.


We’d seen some stone spheres during previous trips to Costa Rica– usually individual stones displayed prominently in the center of a town’s park.  But it wasn’t until we visited the Finca 6 Archaeological Site in Palmar Sur that we began to understand how important these mysterious orbs are to researchers trying to learn more about Costa Rica’s pre-Columbian history.

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Kimmy Hayes of Afterglobe

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An Elegy for a Friend


Less than an hour ago I found out my friend was dead. I’ll acknowledge that this is not the most eloquent way to begin. But, then again, death is not elegant, poetic, or convenient. Especially not when you’re a relatively young woman working your ass off to make your dreams come true.


We first met Kimmy Hayes about a year ago. Referred to us by editor/friend Emma Jane Higgins, the sunny redhead I always thought of as “Kimmy Cupcakes” was relatively new to the travel blogging sphere at the time, heard about our internship program, and reached out to see if she could help with our social media and learn a few inside tips in the process.


Mary and I work with a lot of interns. Most are in it for the resume-padding experience, college course credit, and perhaps a recommendation when they graduate and apply for full-time jobs. They come and go with the seasons, never staying in one place long enough to put down roots. It’s a business transaction for them, pure and simple.


Kimmy Hayes of Afterglobe

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But Kimmy was different: From the very beginning, she was eager to learn, passionate about building her Afterglobe brand, and a sponge for any insights we were willing to share. Along with Emma and Meg Jerrard, Kimmy formed the core of our GGT team.  We became friends. In recent months I had been mentoring her on building her brand, and we gained immense pleasure from watching her grow as a blogger over time.


What we loved most about Kimmy was the enthusiasm she had for helping others, using her own story to inspire others to pursue their passions. She and Meg formed several Facebook groups to provide support for beginning and intermediate bloggers, creating a cooperative spirit of community that helped many brands to blossom. Whatever Kimmy learned, she shared selflessly, helping hundreds of people in the process.


Kimberly “Kimmy Cupcakes” Hayes passed away in a tragic car accident in Oregon on Friday. She and her husband were traveling on I-84 in what authorities described as extremely icy conditions when Drew lost control of their SUV and crashed into a tree. Although both of them were wearing seatbelts, Kimmy was gone before the EMTs even made it to the scene of the accident. She was 37 years old.


Kimberly "Kimmy" Hayes

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I sincerely wish there were some sage wisdom to be gained from our dear friend’s passing– some semblance of reason and order that would allow us to learn from Kimmy’s death, just as we learned from her life. The only lesson I’m left with is that life is much too short, but Kimmy didn’t need to die in order to teach us that: Living life to its fullest and making the most of every day is what Kimmy’s work was all about.


It pains me to admit that there’s nothing I can say or do that will make this OK. It pains me to know that Drew is still in the hospital in critical condition and, if he does recover physically, he will likely never recover from the grief of losing his beautiful best friend. But it pains me worst of all to know that Kimmy never got to go on that amazing trip she and Drew had been working so hard to save up for.


Kimmy Hayes

photo courtesy


This is the second time in 6 months a blogger in our community has passed away unexpectedly. Losing a friend is never easy, but– due to the timing and the circumstances and our close connection with Kimmy– this one feels especially hard, like losing a member of the family.


I know Kimmy’s spirit is still with us, and I feel extremely fortunate to have gotten to know and work with her over the past year. She was truly a light of inspiration to so many people, and I hope the other side brings her peace and paradise.


To Drew, Kimmy’s daughter Amanda, and the rest of her family, we express our deepest condolences for your tragic loss. Know that Kimmy’s life and work had an impact on many people, and that her illuminating presence will be dearly missed by us all. Rest in peace, Kimmy.  –Bret Love


If you’d like to support this family in their time of crisis,

please join us in donating to Kimmy’s Memorial Fund.


Solarfeld Erlasee by Rainer Lippert

Solarfeld Erlasee by Rainer Lippert via Creative Commons

5 Great Green Initiatives in Germany


(The following is a guest post by Susy Peddie, a New Zealand native who moved to Berlin last September. If you’re interested in contributing a story to Green Global Travel, please email pitches to Editor-In-Chief Bret Love at


“Berlin,” a friend told me, “is incredibly green for such a big city. Amazing recycling, fresh organic markets everywhere, and everyone cycles. Everyone!” Her words rang in my ears as I booked my flight. Arriving in Berlin from New Zealand, a country famous for its green space, I was quickly impressed by the efficiency and ingenuity of the green initiatives in Germany. Here are five of my favorites:

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Barnsley Gardens Resort, Georgia

Barnsley Gardens Resort, Georgia

The 10 Most Romantic Places We’ve Ever Stayed

When some people hear that we’re into ecotourism, they assume we’re sleeping in tents, using composting toilets, and volunteering on organic farms. All these elements are part of the broad spectrum of sustainable travel, but our trips tend to be a more balanced marriage of rugged outdoor adventure by day and eco-luxury comfort by night. When we DO sleep in tents, it tends to be “glamping” in yurts with king-sized beds, solar-powered ceiling fans/heating, and stunning views of some gorgeous natural attraction. With Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the most romantic places we’ve ever stayed, from classic hotspots such as Tahiti and the Caribbean to unconventional accommodations in Chile, South Africa, and even our native Georgia.

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