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Don George is a legend in the travel writing world, and has been for more than a quarter of a century now.


His resume reads like an aspiring travel writer’s bucket list: Since getting his first full-time gig at the San Francisco Examiner back in 1980, he’s served as a travel editor for the San Francisco Chronicle,, Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveler and He literally wrote the book on travel writing– appropriately titled Travel Writing– and he’s edited more than a half-dozen literary travel anthologies (including Lonely Planet’s latest collection, An Innocent Abroad).


Perhaps even more impressive than his accomplishments as a writer and editor, Don has invested an impressive amount of time and energy into education and nurturing up-and-coming writers and bloggers. Not only through the Bay Area’s annual Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference, of which he is co-founder and chairman, but also through his speaking engagements and workshops at conferences such as TBEX.


Don George at TBEX

Don George at TBEX Dublin, photo by Leyla Giray Alyanak


Coincidentally, the first time I met Don was after my own appearance at TBEX as part of the Opening Keynote Session on Responsible Travel in Cancun last September. He was one of the first people to come up on stage and congratulate me on a job well done, which– given the fact that GGT was partially inspired by my love of National Geographic– was deeply humbling. I later attended his session on Travel Writing, where his passion for the craft of storytelling and his earnest desire to help bloggers become better writers proved incredibly infectious.


On the last day of the conference, Mary and I noticed Don and Tim Leffel, whom we’d also met the day before, having dinner with our friends David and Veronica James (a.k.a. The GypsyNesters). On our way out of the restaurant, we stopped by their table to say goodnight, and they insisted we join them for drinks and dessert. We talked about travel, writing and the future of blogging for hours, and I knew then that I needed to talk to Don more in-depth for GGT’s Interviews series.


What follows are the highlights of our hour-long conversation, which veered from his earliest travel memories and the beginning of his career as a travel writer to his thoughts on how bloggers are impacting the landscape and advice for those wanting to break into the freelance writing world. It’s a long one, so grab a cup of coffee (or beer) and settle into a comfy chair for a conversation with the coolest Travel Editor you will ever meet… Continue reading

Madagascar King Julien 2 Ringtails and a Stick

Conserving Ring-tailed Lemurs

at Anja Reserve, Madagascar


I see the flick of a tail, ringed in black and white. Then I see the lemur, climbing over the tree branches to pick some orange berries. He briefly turns towards us, staring with wide, hypnotic eyes, before leaping away. Then I see another ring-tailed lemur. And another.


A whole troop of catta lemurs (the ring-tailed critters like Madagascar‘s King Julien), was around us. About half a dozen individuals, climbing on trees or scurrying on the ground, grooming one another, jumping from branch to branch.


Normally, wildlife viewing comes with no guarantees. You may wander around for the whole day, only to spot a blurry figure zipping across the trees, two burning eyes observing you from the darkness, or some faint tracks.


Yet, in Madagascar’s Anja Reserve, ring-tailed lemurs are everywhere. Which is incredible because, less than 20 years ago, they were in danger of disappearing forever.

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Top Eco Leaders

2015’s Top Travel Destinations

5 Ecotourism Experts Weigh In


The New Year brings with it an annual rite of passage as reliable as the swallows returning to Capistrano or the Great Migration of Kenya and Tanzania. Every travel magazine under the sun feels it their moral obligation to predict the top travel destinations for the coming year, while every travel blogger (including us) waxes rhapsodic about the wanderlust adventures that dance like so many sugarplums in their heads.


This year, instead of sharing our own 2015 travel wish list (which, if we’re being honest, remains much the same as it has in years past), we decided to consult a team of five experts on ecotourism to discover what they consider 2015’s top travel destinations. Their responses weren’t based on dreams, but on analytical data regarding the responsible, sustainable tourism opportunities each place has to offer.
Our panel consisted of five of the field’s most respected thought leaders:


Jeff GreenwaldFounder of Ethical Traveler 

Dr Martha Honey– Director of the Center for Responsible Travel

Soraya ShattuckFounder of Sustainable Tourism Solutions 

Jonathan Tourtellot Geotourism Editor of National Geographic Traveler and principal of The Destination Stewardship Center

Megan Epler WoodFounder of The International Ecotourism Society and Director of Harvard’s International Sustainable Tourism Initiative 


Although there were a few countries that appeared on multiple lists (including Costa Rica and India), we’ve narrowed their responses down to 15 sustainable travel destinations you should consider visiting in 2015…

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Sweden's Koster Islands

Big Smiles on Sweden’s Koster Islands

Our Top 20 Photos of 2014


In retrospect, 2012 was the year Green Global Travel blew up, and we traveled like insane people (more than 90 days on the road while holding down full-time jobs and co-parenting a tween). Then 2013 was the year we experimented with ways to monetize our site without selling out.


The story of 2014 was all about finding balance. We began the year by managing a huge campaign– #EcoCostaRica, a 6-blogger press trip highlighting the country’s myriad ecotourism offerings– and ended it by launching another. #JustOneRhino finds us overseeing 125+ bloggers, 25 sponsors and over $30,000 worth of prizes in an effort to raise money for rhino conservation.


In between these two busy bookends, there was a lot of travel, and more business growth than we’ve ever seen before:


MARCH-APRIL:  Southbound magazine sent us to Asheville for a 2000-word feature, and then to New Orleans for a cover story due out next year.


MAY:  Volvo reached out to us about their West Sweden in a Volvo campaign, making us (“The Ecotourists) one of four blogs chosen to participate.


JUNE: We started freelancing for Yahoo Travel, which has used 8 of our eco-travel pieces over the past 6 months.


AUGUST:  A USA Today Readers Poll named us one of the Top 5 Travel Blogging Couples in the world! Thanks to everyone who voted for us. We also launched Green Travel Media, our new business arm, which has already hired 20+ travel bloggers for various paid projects.


SEPTEMBER:  We were invited to be part of the Opening Keynote at the TBEX Travel Blogging Conference in Cancun, appearing alongside Center for Responsible Travel‘s Dr. Martha Honey to discuss Responsible Tourism. We also landed a HUGE client, with Green Travel Media hired to provide content, social media and branding services for International Expeditions.


Bret Love of Green Global Travel at TBEX Athens

Pleased as Punch By Standing Room Only Response to Our TBEX Talk


OCTOBER:  TBEX invited us to speak on Branding for Bloggers at their conference in Athens. The 16 days we spent exploring Greece and Turkey easily ranked among the most memorable trips we’ve ever taken– a dream come true for Mary– and we met some amazing bloggers we’ll be working with in the very near future.


NOVEMBER:  On our fourth blogaversary, we announced our new Staff and Contributing Writers– part of the amazing team that will be working on more big projects in the New Year.


DECEMBER:  This month has been all about the #JustOneRhino fundraiser, a donation to which makes a GREAT last-minute Christmas gift, giving the recipient a chance to win trips to the Galapagos Islands, Nicaragua, South Africa and more!


We’ll have announcements about all the incredible things we having coming up in 2015 soon (including 3 speaking gigs, 6 of our dream destinations, and more developments for Green Travel Media). But with the end of the year approaching, we thought this would be a great time to look back at some of our most memorable moments of 2014. We hope you enjoy it…

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Keel-billed Toucan at Macaw_mountain, Honduras

Keel-billed Toucan

Macaw Mountain:

The Park Of Living Jewels


In the city of Copán, Honduras, there are secret places: ancient Mayan ruins that rise on hills and grassy valleys of red clay and earth, one of the most well-preserved archeological sites in the world. But Copan is famous for more than its treasures from the past. It is also one of few places in Central America which showcases a park of living jewels.


The jewels are not of the cut stone variety. They are, instead, birds. A dizzying array of extravagant splendor, more than 330 varieties of wild native birds live on the edge of the Mayan ruins, in a cross between sanctuary and tourist park called Macaw Mountain.


At this part nature reserve for endangered and rescued birds, and part eco-friendly coffee plantation, visitors can walk among trails of lush plantings of tropical flowers and coffee plants heavily laden with red coffee berries. Rising above and in between the foliage of this green oasis are birds of every color and size, so close that one doesn’t feel like a guest so much as a bird, too. Continue reading

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