The Beauty of Nature Travel: A Blog Roundup

The Galapagos Islands, a Nature Travel Mecca

The Galapagos Islands: Nature Travel At Its Finest

The Beauty of Nature Travel: A Blog Roundup

“Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures

and the whole of nature and its beauty.” –Albert Einstein


Whether you call it nature travel, sustainable travel or responsible ecotourism, there’s something incredibly potent, powerful, and cleansing about getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The air smells sweeter, the sun burns brighter, the colors seem more vivid, and time almost seems to stand still. Whether we’re hiking, kayaking, watching wildlife or just enjoying a quiet picnic, there’s something about unspoiled nature that simply soothes our soul.


With Earth Day coming up April 22, people tend to start thinking and talking about nature conservation more and more at this time of year. But our goal is to encourage people to embrace the beauty of nature and wildlife all year around. So when some of our blogging friends discussed having a monthly themed blog carnival, we immediately volunteered to host a Nature Travel round-up this month to draw more attention to the joys of ecotourism.


So how does it work? Well, if you’re a reader, click on some of the links below to discover some great bloggers writing about some of their favorite Nature Travel experiences, which will hopefully inspire your future adventures. And if you’re a blogger with a Nature Travel story of your own to share, just follow these simple steps:


1. Click on the “add” link below and follow the steps in the dialogue box. You can add an old or new post, but make sure the post you’re adding is about Nature Travel in some form or fashion.

2. Add an addendum to your participating post indicating that it’s part of a Nature Travel roundup, with a link back to this page.

3. Read through the other roundup contributions and get to know some of the bloggers behind them.

It’s as easy as that! Looking forward to reading and sharing our love of Nature Travel with you all.  –Bret Love


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  8. Just found you and LOVING your posts! We’re big fans of the national parks and getting out to explore nature locally. As the kid grow, we know we’ll plan some big eco-adventures (Galapagos Islands are already on our wish list!)

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  11. I really agree with your sentiment about the experience feeling better knowing that your not taking anything out of the environment. I still think there is a long way to go as its not available in all countries, and in particular in developing countries such as Cambodia and Laos but as long as we as travellers support the green and ethical ideas then we’ll be on the right track.

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  13. This is a blog carnival I can get excited about! There is nothing more thrilling than seeing nature at its best.

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  16. I think the importance of sustainability will become more and more valuable in terms of vacation destinations. The first sentence of your article is also so very true. I would even go further and say that we humans were meant to live in such tranquil settings – not a zoo of concrete.

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  19. Allthough I already added a post/blog a while ago, wanted to add, that the “responsible” and eco friendly travelling indeed is an effort, which should be supported. Infact tourist travelling (more) ecofriendly should also should get some kind of benefit for it! To me it was disturbing to see, that tourist places are exploited for the lack of interest to the environment and also due to the behaviour of tourist and lack of interest of the administrations, whose aim is to “make money today” :( Keep up the blog and keep up such efforts!

    • Thanks, Majida! I like the notion of eco-tourists getting some sort of benefit from traveling green, much like the tax breaks given to Americans who install eco-friendly appliances or solar panels.

  20. I totally agree with your comments about soothing the soul, being stuck in the city for too long can make people hectic. Only by going into nature can everything slow back down and can we learn how to relax and take things slowly. In fact I’d go as far as to agree with Victoria and her comments about how city living isn’t natural, we are all in a concrete zoo when you think about it.

    • Yeah, we can’t spend too long in cities, or we start to feel a bit claustrophobic. There’s something about them that feels synthetic and unnatural to me, like an experience that’s been fabricated for commercial gain. I guest all tourist attractions are ultimately about turning a profit, but being in nature just feels more… well, natural.

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